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Image by Evie S.
The Mother Circle

It takes a Village

I feel a strong pull to bring my experience in guiding groups and programs about emotional and spiritual maturity together within motherhood. A group with woman, mothers and their children. To hold a Sacred space. To deeply rest and be nourished by the divine. Resting our central nerves system. To share and play in the richness of Consciousness and parenting. 


It’s not a circle about how to parent. I believe we are all expert of our own children and still learning as we go. 

The circle will invoke how to be within in parenting, within yourself.

The circle is here to support and inspire each other , connect on a deeper level of understanding. To Celebrate the incredible and challenging job as a mother.


There will be moments of Silence, meditation, sharing and tools to support our children and mostly ourselves in this wild motherhood ride.


Being a Mother

My journey

Being a full time mom for the last 2 years has shown me how important and life changing it is to be really present in all that rises within my daughter and myself. To really allow what is, instead of wanting to have it different. Trying to manage or staying attached to ideas didn’t serve me or my family very well.


1000 + times it felt as too much, I fall into the emotional rollercoaster. Meeting my inner child, the beautiful gift that children bring yet also challenging at times.  I tried to manage. besides the sleep deprivation and 24/7 being a mom it was the managing part that exhausted me the most. 


Since Motherhood I have experienced a tremendous transformation on all levels of Consciousness, being Human and living a Sacred yet very ordinary life.



It’s still a practice, but all these 1000 times did create space and it became easier to lean back into myself, to breath, to rest and to listen intuitively and move from Presence and embracing my inner child. I’m very grateful for the guidance from my teacher Pia Ma, who brings inclusiveness in retreats & programs where all children are welcome in sacred space. But also other practices and mostly clarity in my own intuition and inner wisdom helped me to deepen into myself and motherhood.


To honor the inclusiveness yet also seeing the richness of the mother herself, i love to facilitate the sacred circle as well with  -and without our kids.

The Mother Circle;
date; 5th of may
time; 14:00 - 15:30

Suggested Donation; € 15,- 
the first circle is a pilot, donation based. 

The Mother & Child; 

to be anounced

Location; Keelstraat 2A, Vroenhoven (Belgie)
(praktijk van Alice )

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