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The Wheel of Change

Freedom to Explore Your Emotional Intelligence
Fundamental within Spiritual Awakening
Free to Experience Life

The Wheel of Change program utilises an experiential that came to Pia Ma in the early 90s, Pia Ma is an Australian Awakened Spiritual Teacher that travels internationally with her Sangha supporting Awakening. She has been sharing The Wheel of Change experiential ever since as a foundation for Full Awakening. Ma’s knowing within duality and Beyond brings forth this profound experiential. Beautiful in simplicity that unfolds clear sight, clarity within our emotional patterning that holds us short of our Magnificence. Under Pia Ma’s guidance Illja facilitates the Pia Ma’s Study Group and now Illja is offering this unique Wheel of Change Program.

The program

A weekly group, a systematic play, over 8 weeks an open Discovery, Space for Presence to bring forth where we need to tend, meet, experience, recognise-transcend patterns that play in our energy fields. Each week we will deeply explore an aspect within the Wheel of Change and the week between group meetings provides time to focus on the aspect explored during the group as an opportunity to Consciously Play the release-resolve-freedom. Depths of Knowing, Realisations, the simplicity of ‘how to Transcend-Embody Emotional Intelligence’.

These experientials platform a Sacred Tool that opens up our innate capacity to polish the instrument that we Are. Bringing a tool that can be used to emotionally release and or prepare oneself for a particular event. To utilise Knowing and align Emotional Intelligence energy experiences as a ‘natural-fuel momentum’ to Come Home- Embody-Beyond. Freshness. To Allow the space for Presence to precisely orchestrate where we need to tend, meet, Transcend opposed to our patterns, mind, emotions and other bodies of Conscious Intelligence that mask, reinforce patterns that fall-short full Transcendence-Release-Resolve-Freedom.

"The wheel of change is a program for deep change and contemplation. For me it was about emotional maturity, growing up, take responsibility for my own energy field. Meeting the energies under the emotional patterns I had. I learned beautiful tools to nourish my whole system, learning how the organs have influences on the emotions and what you can do to hold that in love. Illja gives beautiful and loving guidance in this proces. And since I looked in the eyes of Pia ma, she has never left. I feel deeply supported by her presence and endless love".

~Alice Rientjes

"A weekly circle and program with such a profound tool, well it feels more than a tool, as the Wheel of change was a great gift to be part of. I felt so safe in the circle to be able to explore the different emotions the Wheel of change step by step weekly is focused on. It helped me recognize better the difference between the emotions. That is what I can say now, a few months after the program. At that moment I didn’t realize it but now I can feel the power, clarity and practical side of the tool. ". 


~ Mireille Wortel


8 week Program Online: April 25th - June 13
Time:  8:30 am - 10:30 am ( Amsterdam time )

Price: € 135,- (inc tax)

Workshop is in Dutch (English spoken if needed). 

"Joining the Wheel of Change was a very powerful gift I gave my Self. It was a beautiful journey where I was guided by a loving Illja to more and more emerge with Silence. The tools from Pia provide an effective way to deal with distractions and conditions that the Wheel invites into the system. Playing with the tools made me switch perspectives towards all the new sensations and stories that came up during these weeks. 
It was never personal, but a very intimate setting.


The Wheel showed me the boundaries that are in the way between me and Silence, and the tools took my hand to face and feel them to live more in freedom, feeling my way back to Presence. 

The Wheel gave me emotional maturity and wisdom. Illja is a very loving being that guides with a lot of warm heart, presence, sharpness and wisdom to create a safe and powerful field in which emotions can Transcend. A very grateful experience!"

~ Tessa de Lange

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